Member Spotlight: brntguy

Alright so when I joined this club back in the midst of Forza 4, after some time feeling everything out, I started to get a sense of who some of the main dudes were. One of these wheel jockeys was brntguy. His sometimes subtle, sometimes straight up blunt humor may have been considered sick and possibly borderline demented by most folks but I connected with this style of personality and over the years I’ve shared some great laughs, jokes, and races with this guy.


I like alcohol and the devil’s lettuce so some minor details may be slightly inaccurate, but here’s the gist of it.

It was some race in Forza 4, I think I remember it being a series race… Most of the drivers in the lobby were concentrating pretty heavily, including myself. For some reason in that particular time, brnt had a kitten or kittens in his house and out of nowhere, brnt starts freaking out. I’m talking legit vocal loudness and profanities, enough to cause immediate concern. I’m trying to race hard, and then I’m hearing this and I’m thinking “what the fuck is going on? Oh shit…”

Turns out the kitten was (I think) playing in the curtains next to brnt’s rig and then proceeded to attack brnt’s foot in the middle of the race. This reaction of his caused me to burst into laughter. Heavy laughter. I’m crying and can’t even keep my car on the track… Brnt got attacked by a kitty cat in the middle of a race and crashed, I laughed so hard I crashed… Good times. Just another night in a solid 2o4f lobby.

So on top of being a elder member, freak show comedian, and our club’s main videographer. Brnt’s a pretty cool dude. If you haven’t shared the track with him, you’re missing out on some greasy, dirty 2o4f grit.

Brnt ain’t not slouch on the track either… I’ve had many fantastic battles with brnt throughout the years. He’s especially impressed me lately with his performance in our Assetto Corsa MX5 series. Brnt has been pouring out some pressure on the track and putting in some stellar lap times.

Raise your glass to brntguy! One of 2old4forza’s longest running members, biggest contributors, and generally all around swell dude.

Posted by: Drivebye