Spotters Stand – Quentin 2O4F


For those of you that have been around the club for a while now are familiar with this man’s contributions to the club. From being the driving force of our Weekly Podium Reports to providing many of us with great paints.  It’s a pleasure to welcome Quentin 2O4F to the Spotters Stand for our first e-view in the Spotters View Series.

Grim: Welcome to the Spotters View Quentin.  Its been great having you in the club and thanks for meeting with me so that we can get to know you a bit more. Tells us a bit about yourself? Where you’re from, and what’s it like there
Quentin: I am originally from the pan handle of Florida, born on Eglin Air Force base. Lived in Massachusetts for some time (about 14yrs) and then moved to Tennessee for work and to have a better opportunity for my growing family. It is nice here in northeast Tennessee, people are super friendly, the weather is fairly moderate and we are surrounded by several mountain ranges which make for great scenery and places to hike. We are very happy at our decision to move here and do not forsee any reason to be anywhere else.

Grim:  My son and daughter-in-law lived in Tennessee for a few years they also felt the friendliness of the people in Tennessee.  With all that Tennessee has to offer outside of the club, what do you enjoy doing?
Quentin: Guitar is my main hobby, I was in a band for 10 years and had hoped to make entertainment my future but life happens and I was forced out of the industry on my own decision. I still pick them up and write from time to time. I also have a 5yr old that keeps me very busy so there isn’t much time for hobbies but that’s ok with me. 

Grim: I’ve always admired those that have the talent to play any musical instrument especially the guitar. So we know you have a passion for guitars but we also know you have a soft spot for Pontiacs, what’s been your favorite?
Quentin: I might catch some laughs over this but it all started with that black and gold 78 trans am. I later owned a 2001 WS6 that was a beast even stock and still own a 79 firebird that has been in the family for almost 25 years. I recently made my allegiance to Mopar and remain solid on that but Pontiacs of all makes still have some sentimental value. 

Grim: So was it the desire to run the Bandit colors in your early days of sim racing? When did you start sim racing and what were some of the games you raced?
Quentin: I started racing on Gran Turismo, the first one on playstation. I switched to Xbox around the time of Forza 3 and stayed with the franchise ever since. I have tried other franchises or stand-alone titles but Forza has been my favorite.

Grim: It seem like a number of us have ventured into Gran Turismo but still find our way back or discover Forza and never leave.  When did you first hear about the club and what was it that you saw in the club to want to join?
Quentin: I started trying the club atmosphere in Forza 4, I joined a UK club at a friend’s recommendation. It was a great club at first but it fell apart from the inside out. I then went looking for another club and saw 2O4F on the forums. The 25+ is what attracted me the most. The previous club had some younger guys join and it wasn’t a good situation so I thought I will give this a try. The other thing that I liked was that I didn’t have to change my gamer tag to be a member, a requirement that most others try to push.

Grim: There are a few members that have the 2O4F in their gamertags but we never saw the need for it officially.  I think most of them is so the clubs get recognition on the leader boards but that is not what we are about.  Although you are a great racer on the track, it seems your real passion is being in the paint booth in Forza. What is it about painting do you enjoy?
Quentin: I really enjoy older paints on new cars, I also enjoy creating liveries that others enjoy using. It can be relaxing to me to not race and grind but just create. Also, I really enjoy helping others that either don’t have time, don’t know how or just don’t want to paint, reason doesn’t matter, I just enjoy helping out and contributing to the club even if it is as simple as a livery. 

Grim: I for one have appreciated the help when it has come to paints for series cars. I along with others find the tools in the paint booth to be a bit intimidating to use, How did you overcome this and what tips can you share for up-and-coming painters?
Quentin: The biggest tip I can offer is to realize that at 100 mph, NO ONE will notice if the text style is a little off or the logo isnt perfect in every way. If you need that perfection aspect, just try some different shapes and skew them, stretch them and see what they do. I always stumble across a shape and after messing with realize that oh yeah, that is the shape I need for that logo.

Grim: That is a great way to look at it.  I’m guilty of trying to get everything perfect and would get frustrated when I couldn’t get it exactly like I want it.  I’ll have to keep that in mind if I get back to the paint booth in FM7. You have done a number of great paint jobs for the club. I know you have been providing me great paints for all of my series cars for several months. The detail you put into them is top notch. Where do you find inspiration for your paints?
Quentin: The shape and style of the car usually sets me on a path. If it is a modern car, I try modern lines or I look to the web for other designs that may inspire me to take a different direction. Older cars I try to stay with an older style paint scheme am trying to break my mold a little as I go along.

Grim: Speaking of inspiration, who were some of the painters you looked up to when you were starting out?
Quentin: Oldschool 2O4F was my main inspiration to try harder. Drivebye had some great paints and Hundrethshrimp had some as well. Your Boeing livery always impressed me and pushed me at times to take it a step further.

Grim: Thanks.  The Boeing paint was probably my last paint I did that I really but a great deal of effort into and was very happy with the end result.  Glad others such as yourself have enjoyed it. What are some of your favorite paints you have released? Care to share any photos?
Quentin: That is a tough question. I think my favorite to date is the Drift Challenger livery or at least that is the one I am most proud of. The Crayola IMSA paint was frustrating but a lot of fun to create. 

Grim: Those are indeed some great paints.  I think my favorite from you was the Goodwrench Corvette that you are using in RCS this season.  It just fits the car so well. That said, lets step out of the paint booth and talk about your on track experience. We know you are taking a break for series racing however what do you look for in a series?
Quentin: Competition. I am a competitor like everyone else and I really enjoy a good battle for any position.

Grim: I think that is what we are all looking for.  Weather its for a race win,  mid pack or battling it out for last place.  As long as there is a battle, we are having fun. I thoroughly enjoy racing with you and we have had some great races together. What are some of your favorite on track memories?
Quentin: My most memorable moments would have to #1 beating Electric at Lime Rock in the celebrity series. He tried hard to get me but I held myself together and won it fair and square. One other was in the 2.5 series at Prague reverse. Electric again was on my ass all race but I edged him out at the line for the win. The theme sounds repetitive but I have to say this, having Electric on your ass is intimating and if you can keep your composure and race, he makes for a great competitor. Most times I lose to him but he really pushes you to race hard and well. It wasn’t about beating him but the race effort in all was the best I can remember for me.

Grim: I think we have all had Electric on our ass and you are right.  When you can keep him at bay, (even if its for a few laps) it can feel like a race win.  With FM7 coming out later this month, what are you looking forward to seeing in the new title? Anything in particular you are excited about in FM7?
Quentin: Not sure, I really hope some of the problems get fixed but looking forward to some more HLC and livery stuff mostly.

Grim: Only a few more weeks until some of our questions get answered.  I have high hopes that the same issues you want are indeed fixed.  In looking at the forums, it seems you have really taken to the Hot Lap Challenge (HLC) as I see you are near the top in the standings week after week. What is it about HLC you enjoy?
Quentin: I like the HLC because I can do it when I want to. If I have a bad day at work or whatever, I can get in there and push myself without time limits. I can do it for an hour or 15 minutes, I am in control of my own destiny with the HLCs. If only I could get that last bit faster to be a pain in the ass to KC and Electric!

Grim: You have definitely picked up speed and im sure you will be there in no time. Recently, you have been putting together the “Podium Report”. Its been a great read each Sunday morning. What’s your process for putting that together. Do you have any prior writing experience?
Quentin: No prior writing experience, I just really enjoy sitting down and putting it all together.

Grim: I for one have appreciated your effort in putting it together each week and with FM7 coming out soon, Im sure you will have much more to report on each week.

And with that Quentin has left the Spotters Stand as he just heard that Stu is trying to beat us current HLC time.  I would like to say thank you for taking the time to meet with me and allow us to get to know you a bit more. 

Stay tuned for our next Spotters View from the Spotters Stand!