HLC Season 4 – Final results are in!

Congratulations to HLR King Cobra on a second season victory. KC hammered everyone, finishing almost 75 points ahead of the nearest competition. FV Electric 2O4F finishes in second place, even after experiencing some horrible food poisoning the last two weeks after claiming he was faster than James Bond. Quentin2O4F rounds out our podium, finishing just 6 points in front of Shaggy SoCal making that one of the hottest battles throughout the season. Finishing the Top 10, in order, are BUDwileycoyoteMasterBigChiefFV Lucky1tank000001 and newcomer StormyBayCoWarrior gave a valiant fight to try to get in the Top 10 after missing the first four weeks due to sponsorship issues, but came up just a few points short.

Obviously KC will get the fastest of the fast award for the Season. Besides that I’d like to mention our most consistent driver (AKA Steve) and our most improved driver (everyone because we had a HUGE participation jump this season, as well as adjustments in scoring).

I’d also like to mention all the people who threw up a time every week this season in support of myself and the whole group we have here trying to run this thing :
KC, Quentin, Shaggy, Budman, Triumph, Lucky, PrydeDubazWhitePhoenix01oldmodelt and Steve. Also to all the guys who missed a couple weeks here and there. I mean you’re not as good as the people mentioned first but you’re okay too.

As a quick reminder, make sure to get signed up if you intend to participate in the FM7 challenges. We want to have everyone who wants in signed up since there will be a lot of fresh leaderboards with a lot of new times showing up on them. Also, keep an eye out as the scoring team plans on adding spare gamertags for themselves to make score tracking easier.

And with that, the end of Season 4 and the end of the Hot Lap Challenge in Forza Motorsport 6. We laughed. We cried. Mostly when letting Lucky pick tracks. But most of all we whooped the leaderboards all across the game to end our time here. Hopefully we can start of strong in Forza 7 and do the same thing! Be prepared in the next week or so to see the planned Season 1 format for Forza 7. We plan on giving it out a little early this time as it’ll be in a specific car (based upon the gift cars expected at the start of the game) to save everyone some cash early before we ramp up and go full bore. Season 1 will generally feature new tracks or environmental conditions to make it a little wild across the board.

Thank you guys for supporting our efforts here, we really do this so everyone has something fun to go do and hopefully gives everyone a challenge. Whether you’re fast or slow or somewhere in the middle, there’s always someone close who you can push yourself to chase and that’s how you get faster.

Signing off on Season 4, Pryde, Triumph, Lucky and Sarvezas. Cya in FM7