Member Spotlight: Stewies head

Let me tell ya a little bit about Stew (not to be confused with one of our crazy Canadians, HLR stu), his dog likes to play during race time, he drag races insanely fast Harleys, and he pees a lot.

I met Stew when I first joined 2o4f back in the early FM4 days. I thought he was from New York, at least he sounded like he was from New York City or something. I later found out he was from Pennsylvania. I bought my truck from Pennsylvania, nice place.

So right off the bat I got along with Stew. We immediately shared fantastic on track battles, Stewie is a great driver. One cool fact not a whole lot of people know is that Stew is very underrated painter. Many of his designs are standouts in my mind across the various series. I remember his Frosted Flakes cars, Sirius Radio cars, and I think he did an Excide Battery car that was quite sexy as well. Looking forward to what he whips up in the paint booth for FM7.

With me being an animal lover and dog person, knowing that Stewie has a dog further solidifies the fact that he is a good person. Ya know, ’cause all dog lovers are good people. That’s what they say right? Unlike my lazy old dog, Stew’s pup seems to have an abundance of energy, especially when it’s time to play Forza. Or maybe it’s like they say dogs are just like their owners and Stew’s dog makes frequent trips to the restroom… If you’re new to 2o4f you may catch one of the usual suspects reminding Stewie to go pee before the race starts. Pretty standard club stuff, you get used to it.

When you chat with Stew in a lobby, he’s a super laid back dude but deep down inside I’m fairly certain he has more than a few screws loose. He drag races motorcycles (well I’m not so sure anymore, Stew is getting kinda old I suppose), anyone that hangs on to a rocket ship death machine and rips crazy fast ETs has to have some loose hardware. To this day I’m still trying to figure out how Stewie even fits into his own house with the size of his balls. Must be custom doors or something. My old man was a drag racer (cars) and I grew up at the track so I’ve seen my fair share of cycle racers and those guys are fucking nuts. The epitome of no fear.

Raise your glass to Stewies head! One of our core members and a standout guy!

Posted by: Drivebye