Month in Review – October 2017


Hello fellow old guys! It’s that time once again to wrap up last month’s activities. Its been a crazy month of ups and downs but things are starting to settle in and the future is bright for the club as we head into the fall season. Here are some of the highlights

  • 2old4forza featured in Turn 10’s Rear View Mirror – You can read the full article by Clicking Here 
  • Our very own Capt Nasties feature in Heavy Metal Affliction – You can read the full article by Clicking Here 
  • Significant updated for FM7 – As we all know, Forza Motorsport 7 was released back in September and for some of us, it was less than ideal. There were a number of things that were changed that took most of us several weeks to understand and accept these changes. More importantly, there were a number of issues especially impacting our club events in the form if invisible cars, random disconnect, communication issues either with party and/or game chat. Late last month, Turn 10 pushed a significant update that seems to have resolved that although it still looks like it is lingering around for a few drivers. Look for some discussion in the forums around this topic in the next day or so to see if we can help those still having issues. Check out the FM7 Forum for more info by Clicking Here 
  • Project Cars 2 starting to get some traction – Like Forza 7, Project Cars 2 has been out not for almost 2 months now and although it also had a rough beginning into the club, its now a strong backing from those that have the game and looks to have a firm place in the clubs schedule. If you are looking for a sim racing game that takes it to the next level. I would give this a try especially if you own a wheel. The FFB (with much easier FFB setting than its predecessor) you feel in the game is significantly better than nearly any racing game I have used with the exception of perhaps Assetto Corsa. If you’re a controller user, from what I have seen and heard, its also much improved. Hope to see more of you on track soon. You can read more about PC2 by Clicking Here 
  • Racing Series/Event Highlights –
    • Podium Reports – Quentin 2O4F continues to provide our weekly Podium Reports which go into detail about all racing that is taking place within the club. You can read them all by Clicking Here
    • Race Car Series – Season 1 – Forza Motorsport 7 – The inaugural season of RCS on Thursday nights is well on its way and although the first few weeks have been a bit difficult with lobby issues, it is improving and we continue to make improvements. As we approach the finish of the season, the battles for the Series championships are heating up. You can find more info about the series by Clicking Here
    • Aussie Madness – Forza Motorsport 7 – Gizziegod has started up his Sunday Euro series as we took the Australian Ute’s to the streets. Although the lobby sides have been on the small side, its starting to pick up and the racing has been great. This week, we wrap up the series as we take these bad buys back home to Bathurst for what should be a great race. Look for the announcement of our next Euro series to be posted shortly. You can find more info about the series by Clicking Here
    • Super Normal Tuesdays – Forza Motorsport 7 – Our casual night of racing continues to pick up steam as the club has started back up our “Super Normal Tuesdays” where the focus of the event is Clean Racing. We like to view this as an introduction to racing and racecraft, as well as a place to hone your skills without totally screwing up your friends racing night. The premise is quite simple actually. The group will start out in D class cars and run a race. If the racing goes clean and the moderators approve, the group can commence to run higher classes. If (when) everyone gets too full of themselves and proceeds to cause massive wreckage, we know we’ve gone about the current skill limit and we will move down a class into slower cars. We will also have a race or two during the night that are “special” where you may find yourself looking to the sky, literally. Its all in good fun and if your new to the club, this is a great way to get into the action. You can find more info about SNT by Clicking Here
    • Euro Track Nights – Forza Motorsport 7 – Perhaps one of our longest running event on the calendar come from the Euro side of the house in the form of Track Night. Giszziegod hosts a casual lobby on Wednesday nights (Euro time) where they pick a track and will then run different cars in various divisions at the track. It’s a great way to learn what the track has to offer. Gizzie of course loves his “Green Hell” Nordschleife and the event heads there on the last Wed of the month. You can find more info about Track Night by Clicking Here
    • Ultimate Street Car Showdown Japan Edition – Forza Motorsport 7 – What would 2O4F be without a series hosted by our own Drivebye? This time he brings us the Ultimate Street Car Showdown Japan Edition. Drivebye takes great pride and puts in a ton of effort to have his series feature well matched cars and track schedule that really bring great and close side by side racing. Although the series is about to wrap up, I can assure you it won’t be the last drivebye series you see on the schedule. You can find more info about the series by Clicking Here
    • Hot lap Challenge – Forza Motorsport 7 – Another staple of the club is the weekly Hot lap Challenge. If you feel you are not ready to get into a series or your real-life schedule does not permit you the ability to get into one of the scheduled club events, then the HLC is right for you. Here you can challenge yourself each week in a new track and car combination to see who can take the top spot or you can try to beat your personal best. Right now, we are in the middle of Season 1 and with over 40 drivers competing so far, it looks to be well on its way. You can find more info about the HLC by Clicking Here
    • World Road Racing Challenge – Season 1 – Project Cars 2 – Last month we official kicked off our first official series in the much anticipated Project Cars. Although a few issues in the first couple weeks, the guys have made some adjustments and the series is well on its way. This season we started off with the Ginetta GT5 in what has proven to be a great car and has produced some tight battles. As we wrap up its first season soon, plans are already in the works for next season and we hope to see you on the track. You can find more info about the WRRC by Clicking Here
    • Dirt4 – Yes, we like to get a bit dirty. Dirt 4 rally events continue to be a favorite among those with the game as we compete in weekly rallies. If you are interested in participating, be sure to check out the forum by Clicking Here
  • Welcome to our new members – October has seen the club explode with 70 new members on the forum. Welcome to the club guys. Hope you enjoy your time and if you have any questions, be sure to ask. Here are the guys who joined in October.
    Armada Jah
    AZT Turbo
    Bad Dog 239
    BAM Sylux
    Clay in LA
    DJ B1ack Rabbit
    DVS Tourni
    EZT Neo 45
    I Kyleinator I
    INDYCAR Dave
    IRI Mr Fuji
    Mad Mangler 74
    Major Raver
    OG I KroniK
    R5R Indy
    RD Swan
    VXR Stu
    Wazzu Racer
    Woodstack UK
  • What’s Next – As the holidays are approaching, we are well underway with the current events with new events well into the planning stages. Look for the event calendar to get crowded so be sure to check the forums for more info on what is coming up.