Podium Report – Week of 11/12 – 11/19

Good morning 2O4F and welcome to the unofficial race lobby report we have dubbed:

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As a warm up to the FM7, there are also 2 special events you may want to get into, the latest Bounty Hunter which is basically a gift from Turn10 as they put Dan Greenwalt on the hot seat. The challenge is at Mazda Laguna Seca in a stock Mustang GT350R. His time right now is in the 38 range and isn’t that hard to get to. He has unti the 19th to set his final time, you can do it! The gift is 3 cars for your efforts so this is a great opportunity to snag some hard to get cars. Look for the event in the rivals section under featured events. There is also a lees fun event at RIO in the same rivals group that will get you some Gears of war driver suit so be sure to check those out and get some laps in.

Now onto the racing action and wow things are happening in 2O4F lobbies right now! There is plenty of racing lobbies and we will start off the report with Forza Motorsport 7:

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We begin the racing report with the weekly series hosted by Gizziegod. Gizzie kicked off the Euro series in FM7 with them 2 UTEs , the Ford Pursuit and Holden Maloo. It was a crazy season as entries changed on a weekly basis but the racing was good none the less. At the final drop of the checkers, GTV Zeratul takes home the trophy in the inaugural 2O4F Euro series! Great job Zeratul. Gizziegod himself worked his way into the 2nd spot on the podium and KC returned for the last group of races to claim the 3rd position on the championship podium. Now to the next series and Zeratuls will be defending his title in:

C Formula Mazda.jpg

Oh yeah gentlemen, the Mazda carts are in the mix! These cars are a blast to drive and should make for some great racing. Please make sure you visit the official series thread to get the build restrictions as you begin building one. Gizzie is adding a ballast system this go around so you will want to understand how that works as the series evolves. Also, today is the shakedown for the series, you will want to get in there a turn some laps before the official racing kicks off. Good luck to all entries and man, I cannot wait to watch the replays on this series. Here are a couple liveries you might see (if liveries are visible to all), there are more liveries being posted in the thread so check it out!

C1 Formula Mazda.jpg
C2 Formula Mazda.jpg

Tuesday nights are home of the long running Super Normal Tuesdays. This is a great night of non points racing with some of the regular series drivers in the club. The racing starts in D class and if the racing stays clean, we move up a class to as far as we can go. Fun night for all and a great night of racing for newer members. See the official thread for more information.

Wednesday nights, Gizziegod hosts a track night very similar to Super Normal Tuesdays but this is a Euro event so please check the thread for the official time frame for racing action. It is another great opportunity to run with some really fast members and a great place to get to race with some of the regulars you will be battling with if you are planning to run one of Gizzies series.

E Ultimate Streetcar.jpg

Drivebye brings another installment of the Ultimate Street Car challenge and this time he has elevated the class and racing to focus on the European edition. Please go to the thread as there are restrictions and build restrictions so you will need the lowdown before you get to building (picture shown for eye candy only). This series has brought out some great racing and this group of cars should prove to bring some more side by side battles.

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Thursday night is the night of stock (untuned) cars and GrimGrinninGhosts’ series…RCS or Race Car Series. Season 1 has come to its close and season 2 will start in 2 Thursdays as the US over indulges for Thanksgiving. Season 2 had a few people vote (guys, please throw your votes in at season close, it is for your own benefit really and grim takes a lot of time putting together the options and spreadsheets) will officially run the Lotus Exige.

For the close of season 1 in FM7, racers were taming the tarmac of VIR in some soggy conditions and then Suzuka Full in the dry. It was an up and down season as we saw our first penalties get issued, people not being seen on track and replays only showing the livery of the person sharing the replay. The racing also had some great moments in both lobbies.

In Pro: VIR looked to be a good race despite the weather conditions. Electric would not let the weather stop him and he would take the checkers with MasterBigChief not far behind and Lucky1 rounding out the podium. Under the sunny skies of Suzuka, it would be another story entirely. Jay Waite would take his BMW to the checkers for his first series win. Stu would finish second and MasterBigChief having another great night with a 3rd to round out the podium. With his 2nd place finish, Stu would grab the inaugural trophy for RCS with Lucky1 nabbing a 2nd place and Electric getting 3rd after missing 1 week.

F1 Pro.jpg
F2 Pro.jpg
F3 Pro.jpg
F4 Pro.jpg
F5 Pro.jpg

In Pro AM: We again saw some great racing but seeing as the replays wont show liveries, we have no idea who had the great racing. So…..the skies open up and the racers take to the damp twists of VIR while the gods shined down on the Tarmac at suzuka. The results are making their way through cyber space but at the moment, Fusion14 has been crowned victor and he will take the championship home. Oldscotian takes the 2nd spot and BigDaddy round out the podium and championship for season 1.

F7 PA.jpg
F8 PA.jpg
F9 PA.jpg
F10 PA.jpg

At the end of each season, Commander Grim evaluates the division assignments. The new division assignments should be posted soon so make sure to check the official series thread for season 2 if you think you are one on the bubble. Either way, good luck to all in season 2!

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D1 V8 Series.jpg

This Sunday or later today in fact, Sarverious will host his inaugural series…the V8 Supercar series. The checkers drop at 9pm EST. This is a tunable series and should see some great racing as the entry list is overflowing. You will need some wits and a good tune to make the field. Once again, please head over to the official thread to see what cars are eligible and to see what else is happening with this series.

D2 V8 Series.jpg


G HLC Banner.jpg

And the final moments of the Forza 7 portion of the report are always home to the 2Old 4Hotlapping or the HLC series brought to you by Pryde300ZX, FV Lucky1, Triumphrid3r and Lord Sarverious.
Please check the thread to get the new scorer gamer tags added to your friends list so that your lap times can be recorded.

Last week we were tasked with the hard to tame 90s Formula cars and from the get go, it was obvious that the fight would lean towards the Ferrari over the Mclaren. Many would take to the track and at VIR Grand East and at event close, Electrics #1 overall would stand tall at 1.56 and some change (albeit assisted) would not be touched. Lucky2O4F would have a late charge to take 2nd in the event with a 1.58.526 and claim 1st in hardcore. Pryde would also have a late effort and put himself on the event podium with an assissted 1.58.866 that would sneak just in front of Quentins 1.58.879 in hardcore. It was a tough challenge to stick with, you really had to want the points to put in the laps but at event close, we had 30 entries scored and 2O4F obliterated the Forza leaderboards in both standard and hardcore! Great job!

G1 HLC.jpg

We slow things down a little this week and try to figure out this seldom used track of Homestead in the dry and in the Rebirth of Muscle division. The 79 Camaro and the tune that FamedHotrods has shared are the shining stars this week. It is great to see the top of the boards each week this season, we have had several different members tunes and different names reaching the top each week. MasterBigChief is currently out in front with a blistering lap of 1.37.678. The rest of the field is moving around day after day and the top 5 are within 10ths of each other so it will be a mad dash to finish of this event. There is still time to get some laps in and we are again digging into the leaderboards so keep chipping away at those corners and get a lap in!

G2 HLC.jpg

Go to the official Hot Lap Challenge threads to see where you stand and to keep up with what the organizers throw at us next (new events are announced and start on Tuesday nights)

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There is racing happening in several different platforms right now so if you want to get into something different, check the forums and threads under the titles name to see what is going on and when.

K Dirt4 Banner.jpg

Dirt4 is continuing to run weekly challenges that end on Sundays. Head over to the official Dirt4 thread to see where and what is going on with this title. It may be a little slow right now as most of the main players are either on FM7 or Project cars 2 at this time but there are still some racers keeping the mud slung so post away in the thread and good luck on the stages!

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Project Cars 2 is back running and the entries took to the tracks of Sugo and Dubai last Monday for some racing action. In absence of this iteration of project cars, I truly enjoy seeing the spreadsheet lit up like a Christmas tree as everyone entered seems to have a chance any given week, something the forza side lacks for sure. So….back on track, Race 1 at sugo saw Jay Waite and Nightstalker battle for the W. Nightstalker would take the checkers and Jay would take 2nd. Capn Nasties would collect the 3rd place. Onto Dubai club, Grim would earn the top spot with Nightstalker and Thane covering the podium in race 2. The points are tight with this season as Jay Waite leads the group by 4 points! Check the official thread for more information, race times and whos who in Project Cars 2.

Thane also is running a Time attack series and season 2 is off and running. Please go to the official thread to see what and where in this series.

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Like a Zombie apocalypse, Assetto Corsa seems to be rising from the grave as there are some racers hanging on to hopes and running some racing on Wednesday nights. Please go to the officially infected thread under Assetto Corsa topic to see what the zombies are running and when.

And here we are again, at the end of the report. At this time, the staff would like to thank all the contributors, event organizers, livery creators, replay savers, spread sheet slammers, hot lappers, tuners, and everyone else who gets on the forums and gets involved.

See you on the track or behind your ghost (oh yeah, no ghosts!), have fun and good luck racers and lappers!

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Quentin 2O4F