V8 Supercar Champion – TX3 Electric

Congrats to TX3 Electric on taking the V8 Supercar Title.  In our first venture in the Down Under scream machines in FM7, Electric simply dominated the series once again with 5 wins out of 7 races.   GrimGrnninGhost took home second place honors with a strong closing race at Bathurst along with some help from eventual third place podium winner in ALandry39 on the last race. The series was a real hit as we had 29 drivers compete at some point during the season.  We also had some great competitors from SeasonedGamers join us as they took the final weeks of 2017 off from their normal Sunday events to join us.  Lord Sarverious is already well into his testing for his next series so be sure to check the forums for details.

Below is the final standings from the V8 Supercar Championship.