Hot Lap Challenge Champion – MasterBigChief

Congratulations to the maple syrupy Canadian MasterBigChief on a comeback championship. He finished with a 4 point margin over PPS Lucky, who struggled in weeks at Road Atlanta and Suzuka with his team providing poor car maintenance. Squnitin Quentin2O4F rounds out our podium, 14 points back from Lucky. The other Canadian, HLR Stu, finishes in 4th place, though I think we all expect to see a better showing from him going forward! Relative newcomer StormyBayCo would finish in the last top 5 spot, technically tied in points with Stu, with Stu having the tie-breaker due to highest finish position. I won’t bore everyone with the entire list of overall standings because that would be like listening to drivebye ramble on all night about how great his greasy beard is.  Below are the final standings.