Podium Report – Week of 12/17 – 12/24

Good morning 2O4F and welcome to the unofficial race lobby report we have dubbed:

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First off, Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday to all of 2O4F and hope your holiday is revved up. Before we get to celebrating, thank you to all who have supported and continued to support 2O4F and this report section. As we head into the new year, there are several series closing out and several more series getting rubber to the track. This one might take some time to get through……
Now onto the racing action. We start off the report with Forza Motorsport 7:

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This season, the Formula Mazdas took to the track for some epic holding on for your life action. The final event was held at Watkins Glen Short for 40 laps. The racing would be Epic. Grim would start out front and the field would have some moments getting the tires warmed up. As soon as the field got some grip back, the racing action would heat up faster than the rear tires going through the first turn. MysticV 247 would challenge for the lead while RonRon Vachon would take advantage of the racing and get in on the action. Battles would continue throughout the race and as the final lap was run and the checkers fell on the race, MysticV 247 would earn the win with Ron Vachon taking 2nd and King Cobra taking 3rd. As the season closed at the running of this race, King Cobra takes home the championship with Johnny Focus taking second and MysticV247 taking the 3rd place trophy. It was a season full of new entries, some great battles and a great 2nd series in FM7. It also was a season with rising attendance and that is a win as well. Gizzie is giving the racers a break for the holiday weekend but I am sure he has something in the wings for after the holidays, head over to the official events thread to see what he is presenting next.

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Oh yeah, hold on to the reigns as Gizzie has announced a one off Christmas eve extravaganza!! For the first time that I can report about at least, 2O4F will take to the track in the tankpool Mercedes Truck for a night of paint swappin door bangin fun at several different tracks. Grab your eggnog, slam a shot and get on the tarmac! See the official thread for information on the whos and whens!
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Monday nights were usually home to one of the other titles but with the state of the gaming industry right now, Forza faithfuls were handed a gift early. Uncle Drivebye brought his Group A series over to Forza 7 and the series kicked off last Monday. The first lobby had Forza issues and crashed a couple times but the group pushed through the issues and finished it out. Race one was held at Catalunya. GrimGGhost would get the advantage early. Ron in the lone Holden would struggle to man handle the car but would succeed at holding off Drivebye and take 2nd for the inaugural race. The next race would take the racers to Mugello for an epic race. Again Ron would have to hold on to the wheel with full grip. This time he would have the Mercedes of Lucky 2O4F to deal with. Lucky would get his Merc out front and dominate the lead for most of the race. Ron and Drivebye would have an epic battle most of the race. At the final checkers, Lucky would be victorious with Ron doubling up 2nd place finishes and Grim getting another mention in this weeks report with the 3rd place. The points are tight throughout and there is a week off for the holidays so you still have time to get one built and get into the action. See the official event thread for all the information you will need to dive into this great series.

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Tuesday nights are home of the long running Super Normal Tuesdays. This is a great night of non points racing with some of the regular series drivers in the club. The racing starts in D class and if the racing stays clean, we move up a class to as far as we can go. Fun night for all and a great night of racing for newer members. See the official thread for more information.

Wednesday nights, Gizziegod hosts a track night very similar to Super Normal Tuesdays but this is a Euro event so please check the thread for the official time frame for racing action. It is another great opportunity to run with some really fast members and a great place to get to race with some of the regulars you will be battling with if you are planning to run one of Gizzies series.

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Coming your way faster than the light at the end of tunnel is the always fun for all and free for all series….


See the official events thread for builds and additional information. Racing begins one week from this Wednesday.

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Thursday night is the night of stock race cars and GrimGrinninGhosts’ series…RCS or Race Car Series. Season 2 has came to a close this past week and with an absent Electric from the races, HLR Stu was given an early gift and taken back to back championships! Congratulations to HLR Stu and Parcells both for the championship victories.
Week 4 action took the racers to Sonoma Short and Watkins Glen short circuits.

Pro Lobby: as mentioned, Electric and MasterBigChief were absent from the action. Nightstalker would be trying to break his streak in RCS pro lobby action and would do it in style as he took wins back to back this week. Well done. Canada was well represented at Sonoma as Ron would qualify well and take 2nd with Alandry fighting his way through and earning the 3rd place. Watkins Glen would also see some great racing and Pryde would qualify well. Some early trouble in the bus stop would catapult him into 2nd place and he would keep that spot all the way to the checkers. Trying to keep stalker from gaining in the championship, Stu would get his way through he field and eventually get 3rd place.

F1  RCS2 W4R2 1.jpg
F1  RCS2 W4R2 2.jpg
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ProAM lobby: Another black out week for ProAm but we can report this: the battle for the title was sorted out early on but the racers held on to hope and raced it all the way to the end. The story here was consistency in finishes. Parells was the points leader going into Sonoma and would seal the championship with his win at Sonoma. JSF Wilky would come to race again this week and would earn the 2nd place finish with VWhit keeping up his great finishes this season and land 3rd place. Onto Watkins Glen…JSF Wilky would take the checkers with BigDaddy keeping pace and taking 2nd. Parcells would finalize the podium in 3rd. Parcells pretty much dominated the season but the side story here is that there are several regular entries showing up regularly on the reports so as we venture into season 3, we may see some rivals entering the winners circle and giving Parcells a run for the next championship.

F12 S3.jpg

And on that note, we head into season 3 of RCS and we yes finally get a Lambo! Racers will be taking the bulls to a great season and the fastest RCS cars so far. This will be an amazing season and races start to take shape 2 weeks from Thursday as RCS breaks for yet another new addition…..

F2 Endurance RCS.jpg

A brand new feature has presented itself to racing enthusiasts…..
This is a participation trophy for those who continue to support the RCS series. For every RCS race you enter in, you have earned points to get you into this race. It will be a full 1 ½ hour endurance race to the finish and sets up like this: Pro drivers in LMP P2 cars (see thread for exact cars) and ProAM drivers in GT3 cars (again check the thread for exact car list). You must confirm via xbox live message to Grim so make sure you do that ASAP if you are on the eligible list then get you car picked and get to tuning and painting. These races will be held after each RCS season. See the official event thread to see who is in the race. Race 1 will be held this Thursday night.

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And the final moments of the Forza portion of the report are always home to the 2Old 4Hotlapping or the HLC series brought to you by Pryde300ZX, FV Lucky1, Triumphrid3r and Lord Sarverious.
Please check the thread to get the new scorer gamer tags added to your friends list so that your lap times can be recorded.

Last week was another close of a season and it would be down to the wire. Season 1 wrapped up at Mugello in the Exotic GT division. Electric would come out to play and would be in the hunt for the top overall spot and would succeed. He took the Aston Martin GT2 around Mugello in 1.52:945. Runner up King Cobra would not even get close with a hardcore 1.53:856. Championship would get sorted out late but MasterBigChief would bring home the trophy and finished 3rd at 1.54:116. It was a well fought, week to week battle for top spot and Congratulations to masterBigchief for the eventual season 1 championship.


As we head into season 2 of HLC, there are now divisions and shorter seasons. The current challenge is at Road America in the Elite Factory Racers division. HLR Stu currently leads the Pinnacle division, FameHotRods leads the Pro division and Hundrethshrimp leads the Grassroots division. There is still time to get a sleigh together and get laps in. Check the official thread for season 2 to see where you are and where you will need to be. Good luck!


Go to the official Hot Lap Challenge threads to see where you stand and to keep up with what the organizers throw at us next (new events are announced and start on Tuesday nights)

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There is racing happening in several different platforms right now so if you want to get into something different, check the forums and threads under the titles name to see what is going on and when.

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Dirt4 is continuing to run weekly challenges that end on Sundays. Head over to the official Dirt4 thread to see where and what is going on with this title. It may be a little slow right now as most of the main players are either on FM7 at this time but there are still some racers keeping the mud slung so post away in the thread and good luck on the stages!

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Project Cars 2 is trying to join in on the epic fail of the year award (which is now held by Assetto Corsa with FM7 not far behind) but if this is your game of choice, there is still some things happening in this title. There are 2 events continuing to see some action, the Nordshleife power lap leaderboard and a time attack event that is continuing to run laps. See the official Project Cars 2 if you are one of the competitors in the club looking for something to do in PC2.

And here we are again, at the end of the report. At this time, the staff would like to thank all the contributors, event organizers, livery creators, replay savers, spread sheet slammers, hot lappers, tuners, and everyone else who gets on the forums and gets involved.

See you on the track (because they seem to have fixed that) or behind your ghost (oops, not fixed yet, that was my ghost), have fun and good luck racers and lappers!

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Quentin 2O4F