Podium Report Podium Report – Week of 12/24 – 12/31

Good morning 2O4F and welcome to the final unofficial race lobby report in 2017 that we have dubbed:

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Now onto the racing action. We start off the report with Forza Motorsport 7:

As we close out another year of gaming, racing, ups, downs good times and major disappointments in the gaming industry, we all here at the Podium Report hope that this last report of the year finds you and your families in good times. This is the setup for Gizzie and his one off (for now) weekend of racing action. Gizzie produces some great (maybe a little crazy) but in the end awesome series for the European side of 2O4F. With international back to back holiday weekends, and the Mazda series closed out, he decided to have a bit of fun this past weekend. Gizzie and a band of racers put together and brought out the biggest guns in Forza…..the Tankpool Merceedes race rigs. At first sight I though wow, cool idea. Then I saw the track list in his shared replays and I thought oh boy this is going to be either fun to watch or painful to watch. After watching most of the replays, it was fun to watch. There were some as expected early rough going but then the racers settled in and we saw some great racing at what had to be some of the most challenging tracks including yup……the ring in a Forza vehicle that somtimes is to wide to even get side by side. Nice holiday racing Gizzie and company, what shall we have planned for 2018???? Keep checking the official events thread to see what 2018 will kick off with. Here are some pictures from the races in the rigs:



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Sunday nights in the US time zone (9pmest) we will get started in the FM7 version of the 2.5 challenge starting Jan 7th. Nuff said, be there.



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Monday nights, Group A style racing has started. The racers took a break for the Christmas holiday. Racing is scheduled to run this week if attendance warrants it. If not, the racers will postpone the excitement of Hockenheim and VIR for a week. Get your car ready and be in the party or lose a week of great racing in another one of Uncle Drivebyes great build / tune series.

Tuesday nights are home of the long running Super Normal Tuesdays. This is a great night of non-points racing with some of the regular series drivers in the club. The racing starts in D class and if the racing stays clean, we move up a class to as far as we can go. Fun night for all and a great night of racing for newer members. See the official thread for more information.

Wednesday nights, Gizziegod hosts a track night very similar to Super Normal Tuesdays but this is a Euro event so please check the thread for the official time frame for racing action. It is another great opportunity to run with some really fast members and a great place to get to race with some of the regulars you will be battling with if you are planning to run one of Gizzies series.

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Thursday nights have become much more interesting as Grim has launched a new feature to build on the long running RCS series……Endurance racing! Heres the pitch: Pro RCS drivers who have continued to race in Thursday RCS races and have logged the most RCS races will be running Forza P2 class (Mazda BO9 or Chevy LMP) and ProAM drivers with the most races in RCS will be driving GT3 cars (Mclaren / Mercedes / BMW Z4 GTE) for 1 ½ hours of hang on as you make that pass racing! What a night of racing it was. The qualifying went as expected but this is a long race so settle in…..Race 1 was held at Daytona 24hr sports car circuit. On the Pro / LMP side things got dicey early in the early turns as the racers got used to these cars. Same story in the GT field. The race progressed and everyone got settled into their cars and the Pros got spread out. Their was a great battle between Stu and RonRon for several laps. Grim would be close enough to witness most of it but traffic would eventually get them spread out as well. Back in the GT group, there were also some great battles happening between Wilky, Dabins and Jimmythangz. Each would have a moment in the spotlight.
At the final checkers for the inaugural event, the unofficial results have ALandry taking LMP with Electric and Stu in that order. GT3 had a race of all races to the finish with Mc Dabins in a Mercedes taking the victory, Wilky in second by a fine curly hair in the McLaren and Jimmythangz getting on the podium in another Mercedes. What a race! And here are some pictures to prove it happened!

F2 W1.1.jpg
F2 W1.2.jpg
F2 W1.3.jpg
F2 W1.4.jpg
F2 W1.5.jpg


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And then…here we go…..WE GOT THE LAMBO! Testing has been happening and man, win or finish last, I have to say that these things are going to be a blast! The story is going to be tuning for sure. I was granted the honor of running a couple test laps with a small group and here is a quick snap of what we saw:


Go to the official events thread for Season 3 to get the information you need. The season kicks off this Thursday night at 9pm est at Monza.

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And the final moments of the Forza portion of the report are always home to the 2Old 4Hotlapping or the HLC series brought to you by Pryde300ZX, FV Lucky1, Triumphrid3r and Lord Sarverious.
Please check the thread to get the new scorer gamer tags added to your friends list so that your lap times can be recorded.
Season 2 heads into week 2 as we smash leaderboards into the new year in great battle action!

Last week or week 1 of the season, we were challenged to see how fast we could go in the Factory Elite Racers division at Road America. Seems pretty easy right? Well…as the event took shape, the laps times were pretty separated they would tighten up as the laps got put down. The Porsche GT1 Strassavessen would be the dominant car. As the dust settled in the last turn, PrydeZX 2O4F would get the fastest time in with a 1:58.787 and put 2O4F in 15th in the world for the Pinnacle division. Grim would get the fastest lap in the Pro group at 1:59.422. Hundrethshrimp would get the fastest Grassroots group lap at 2:01.530.


Season 2 / Week 2 has begun and the challenge: Sport Touring Icon division (B575) at Daytona infield circuit. This batch of cars started off with a few shiny bits showing and then the American muscle showed up. We have seen the craziest up and down of cars in the mix yet in all of FM7 HLC divisional racing. We now have the car to beat: the 02 Camaro has come out and is now dominating the top spots. 2O4F now owns this leaderboard and the battle is now shaping up in the Pinnacle division. Chronic 957 has put down the fast lap so far at 1:43.757. Back from there, we have several drivers cracking into the 43’s, some even in hardcore! How will it end? Still have a couple days so check back in the official hot lap thread to see how it shook out. The points are also getting interesting in the first go at a shorter season.


Go to the official Hot Lap Challenge threads to see where you stand and to keep up with what the organizers throw at us next (new events are announced and start on Tuesday nights)

Friday has an event in the official events thread as well. It appears to be a Track night style event that is held each Friday for the Euro side. Need more info? Go to the official events thread now!

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There is racing (not sure if that is the right word there) happening in several different platforms right now so if you want to get into something different, check the forums and threads under the titles name to see what is going on and when.

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Dirt4 is continuing to run weekly challenges that end on Sundays. Head over to the official Dirt4 thread to see where and what is going on with this title. It may be a little slow right now as most of the main players are either on FM7 or Project cars 2 at this time but there are still some racers keeping the mud slung so post away in the thread and good luck on the stages! There are also some lobbies getting assembled. If you want in on some Dirt action, get over to the official thread and see what is happening and when. Drop some posts in the threads and boom…you may find yourself on the trails in Dirt4!

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Project Cars 2 has a couple hot lap style events continuing to happen, please visit the official PC2 thread to see what and who is happening over there.

And here we are again, at the end of the report. At this time, the staff would like to thank all the contributors, event organizers, livery creators, replay savers, spread sheet slammers, hot lappers, tuners, and everyone else who gets on the forums and gets involved.

See you on the track, have fun and good luck racers and lappers!

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Quentin 2O4F