Podium Report – Week of 1/14 – 1/21

Good morning 2O4F and welcome to the unofficial 2O4F lobby report we call:

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Now onto the racing action. We start off the report with Forza Motorsport 7:

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So every weekend, the Euro side puts on a race series that always brings some excitement to the track. This time, Gizzie has presented the racers with 2016 Mazda MX5. The lobby sizes have been growing (glad to see that) and the racing sounds like it is getting intense. This past week, some of the us guys joined in alongside host Grim to put some rubber to the pavement at Laguna Seca. As I read through the thread, I find myself pausing in the reporting as MasterBigChief said he couldn’t join but got 3rd place. Drivebye and KC apparently had a battle going late, but KCs consistent fast laps would take the checkers home this race. Drivebye will have to settle for 2nd last weekend, can he battle the Tarmac at Silverstone and give KC a fight………? As of this writing, KC has a 3-point lead over farming simulator guru Drivebye who is tied with he must have abandoned the wheel on Sundays MasterBigChief for 2nd place at the moment. New addition to the club and Sunday series Chudinigra is not far behind in 4th with 40 pnts. Good luck to al entries today at Silverstone, should be another action-packed weekend. Head over to the forums later and check out the thread to see what else is going on or to get your ride on the track this afternoon.

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And later this evening in the US time zone (9pm est), a real tasty morsel gets laid on the table for fulfilling your appetite for deliciously goodness…..2.5 challenge takes to Prague reverse and Watkins Glen for week 3 of this series. Week 1 was wild, week 2 saw air and walls, week 3 should be some tight racing and some photo finishes. So last weekend, everyone that had run this series had bird flu or just got lost trying to find their way to the xbox button. But a handful of brave entries would take to the scenes of Bathurst and then off to the bumps and jumps of RIO. Bathurst would have 1 story to tell, Capn Nasties Alfa. The mechanics went through that beast with a fine tooth comb and would prove their abilities as Capn flew around Bathurst and would take the W. Ronron would put up a fight and would grab 2nd with points leader Grim holding onto 3rd and the points lead. RIO….yeah RIO. Is there much else to say after that? Old cars with decent speed flying through the air heading out of a tire filled chicane hoping that the landing sticks and you muscle down the straight in an attempt to catch that white and green Alfa? Yup, Capn Nasties strikes again but speed was not as much of a factor as the handling and patience got him out front after starting near last. One he got out front, their would be some battling here and there but checkers it was. Grim also tagged a wall or two but stayed patient and took his BMW to 2nd spot. Drivebye would work his way into the final podium for the night. If you have bailed or haven’t joined yet, let em tell you tonight will be the best night of racing for this series. Prague is always a great battle and Watkins Glen in these cars has already proven to be fantastic 2O4F stuff. See you there tonight and if not, you are missing what this club is all about…great side by side racing in built cars designed for just that. (Mic drops n background)


Monday was a floating slot and with the end of the Group A cars last week (congratulations to the podium winners), enters a series presented by Nightstalker. The series in a quick overview is a Lotus Elan for anyone who raced in what we used to call the ProAM division and the 65 Mini for what used to be called the Pro division drivers. Your car or division will be determined by your participation in the last RCS series. There is a shakedown event planned for tomorrow so if you are interested in this series, get over to the official event thread and read up on builds and whatever else you think you need to know. This is Stalkers first series launch and sounds interesting. Should be some tight battles a this series evolves.

Tuesday nights are home of the long running Super Normal Tuesdays. This is a great night of non points racing with some of the regular series drivers in the club. The racing starts in D class and if the racing stays clean, we move up a class to as far as we can go. Fun night for all and a great night of racing for newer members. See the official thread for more information.

Wednesday nights, Gizziegod hosts a track night very similar to Super Normal Tuesdays but this is a Euro event so please check the thread for the official time frame for racing action. It is another great opportunity to run with some really fast members and a great place to get to race with some of the regulars you will be battling with if you are planning to run one of Gizzies series.

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Thursday night was stock race cars, no tuning allowed and many other things. The series has evolved many times over its lifetime and is taking another step into the future of great 2O4Fness. You really will need to get over into the threads and read up because the evolution has brought many new things to know if you think you are interested in this series. Most notably the new car choices and builds. Back to the now…..Week 3 of 4 done, battles for the final championships labeled Pro and ProAm…..

ProAM action (first thank you to all the replays that were shared) week 3 took the racers to Maple Valley and Nurburg GP. Maple Valley….drift heaven and a fun race track too…a points battle forming going into the final week of the division…BigDaddy would take charge this night taking back to back wins and the points lead by 3 points. Parcells would struggle at Maple Valley some but would take 3rd. Blemished Spy would also join the podium report thi week with a 2nd place finish at Maple Valley. The forecast was for rain at Nurburg GP and we admit that we did not watch the entire replay until its end so there may have been some rain but not for the parts we took pictures of. BigDaddy would start off with some battles and Parcells would have some contact early trying to get to the front. BigDaddy would stay patient and race his way to the second win of the night and Parcells would overcome the contact early and gather up a 2nd place to keep the championship in sight. VWhit is having a great season and would have another great race as he took home the final podium of the night with a 3rd place finish. What will the outcome be? There is only 2 ways to know…1) be on the track – if you are already registered or 2) check back here next week for the final ProAm report!

F1 PA.jpg
F2 PA.jpg
F3 PA.jpg
F4 PA.jpg

Pro lobby action is so tight at the top that you can only squeeze 1 point in between the 2 battling for the final Pro championship! Maple Valley….Electric….ALandry…..Stu in that order….there was some great racing here and we didn’t know what spots to focus on to take pictures of! Race 2 Nurburg GP Rain? Electric…..The host doing the most…Grim himself…….Stu. That I how they finished the evening. At race lobby closed, Electric has the lead by 1 point over Stu and Grim having a great season in 3rd. Silverstone and Sazuka next week……I know from past experiences that Electric is well Electric at Silverstone and Stu can also be really fast there. Grim is not out of the picture and can have good races there so it should be very interesting. Sazuka is unexplored territory for RCS or at least it has been a long time so it is hard to say who will come out on top there. Check back right here in the Podium Report or the official thread to see how the tightest points battle in Pro that I can remember at least takes the battle to the track to settle it out 2O4F / RCS style.

F5 Pr.jpg
F6 Pr.jpg
F7 Pr.jpg
F8 Pr.jpg

Again as a public service announcement to any racers interested in joining RCS or any member who continues to race RCS please go to the official events threads and catch up. Season 4 features a new car format with a specific build. Divisions are history and many other things that you will need to be versed on. Don’t get all bitchy and worried, the Endurance series takes to the track between the close of season 3 and the start of season 4 so you have 3 weeks from this read to get your knowledge on, get your car built, painted and tested. Thank you to Grim for all of your hours invested in taking this series to a new level, those sweet build cards and all your work getting cars built, tested and posted for our racing enjoyment. 

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2Old4Hotlapping or the HLC series brought to you by PrydeZX 2O4F, Lucky 2O4F, Triumphrid3r and Lord Sarverious:

Season 2 is in the final nail biting moments of its new format. I believe we have got another edge of your seat grand finally under way in multiple divisions. Lets review:

Week 4 of 5, Mazda Cup car at Dubai. Again, 2O4F has wiped up the leaderboards and given the rest of Forza something to work at. Electric takes the top of board with a 1.49.192. Points leader Tbohar took his tune to #1 in HC and 2nd overall with a 1.49.508. Quentin (chasing the cup) would finish 5th overall, 2nd in HC to close the Pinnacle division. Tank00000000000001 would take the top spot in Pro this week as Grim struggled but kept a healthy points lead. Grass Roots division is in another close battle with 2 points separating the championship as of this writing.


Week 5..the final week….Bathurst….V8 supercars….4 points now separate the championship……currently Electric words words words, Tbohar is running assisted and has a good lead (points and time) over the championshipless chaser Quentin at the moment but the event is starting to heat up. Pro leader Grim has found some speed and sits 3 seconds ahead of Tank and 3rd overall (on our event leaderboard) in the Pro division. Fitzy – what did I say that…yup fitzy has decided to put some laps in and sits on top of the grass roots division for the moment. The championship contenders in GR are 2/10ths of a second from each other. Shrimp will need a couple spots on the ladder more to take the championship. Event, season and nail biting ends Tuesday so there is still plenty of time to get your V8 supercar fix and get you some points.


Season 3 starts next week and with divisions sure to get shook up, the next few seasons look to be even more exciting. Get your fastest laps in and good luck to all!!

Go to the official Hot Lap Challenge threads to see where you stand and to keep up with what the organizers throw at us next (new events are announced and start on Tuesday nights) side note if you haven’t read it already, the management team is looking for additional members to help out with the series so if you have some time available and would like to help out, post up in the official thread.

Friday nights are no longer quiet (at least not if you are available to race in the euro time slot) as DangerDave is bringing a series to your Xbox every Friday night for the foreseeable future. Currently, the series is running homologated vintage sport compact division at various tracks per week. Last week the racers took to Yas Marina from what looks like some great racing action. The next stop is at VIR south – VIR always has 2 results…..I went off many times and hate that track or damn that was some great racing….hopefully we get a report of the second statement. If you are available and would like to attend this series, get onto the official event thread and let them know; you also will need to check out the eligible cars and get yours built. Good luck all 2O4Frs that enter!

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There are things happening in a dwindling list of other titles so if you want to get into something different, check the forums and threads under the title you are interested in to see what is going on and when.

K Dirt4 Banner.jpg

Dirt4 is the main ‘other title’ in the club right now and from the sounds of it, it is gaining momentum again at times. The racers have 2 events ongoing, Wednesday night lobbies and continuing stage challenges. If you are a Dirt racer, get over to the official thread already and join in!

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Project Cars 2 is 6 feet from the edge. There are still some hot lap challenges and a Nordschliefe fast lap challenge happening. If you enjoy this title and want to get in on the action, please go to the official PC2 thread and get in on the action.

And here we are again, at the end of the report. At this time, the staff would like to thank all the contributors, event organizers, livery creators, replay savers, spread sheet slammers, hot lappers, tuners, and everyone else who gets on the forums and gets involved.

See you on the track, have fun and good luck racers and lappers!

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Quentin 2O4F

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