2.5 Hour Nordschleife Endurance Champion – MysticV 247

Congrats to MysticV 247 on the win. Well earned. Was close battle with capt nastiesHLR King Cobra, and drivebye for most of the race for the top positions.

Special thanks to DangerDave49 for organizing a a great event. I would also like to thank everyone (18 drivers) who came out for the vent and having a good race. I know I was exhausted after the 2.5 hours and was tough to keep the focus but would love to do another enduro at some point.  Here are some picks of the opening moments of the race as the field headed to turn 1

Nordschleife Endurance 1.jpg
Nordschleife Endurance 2.jpg


Nordschleife Endurance - Summary.png

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