Hot Lap Challenge – Season 2 Champion – tbohar

Didn’t that feel quick? Much faster doing 5 week seasons than 9 isn’t it. Hopefully this will help to keep the excitement to a higher level since we won’t have anyone running away with the championships. So first things first, the overall championship :


  1. tbohar
  2. Quentin2O4F (again)
  3. HLR Stu
  4. Pryde 300ZX
  5. GrimGrnninGhost

Congrats to tbohar on his first overall, and Pinnacle, championship whilst involved in HLC. Quentin2O4F comes up in 2nd place (I feel like this happens a lot), pushing all the way to the end and getting undone by Bathurst. HLR Stu would round out the podium, finishing one narrow point in front of Pryde 300ZXGrimGrnninGhost would finish with the best overall finish for a Pro division driver in 5th overall.

Pro Division

  1. GrimGrnninGhost
  2. tank000001
  3. wileycoyote
  4. Mondeoman68
  5. RolledSteel

GrimGrnninGhost was clearly insulted being in the middle division, finishing with the best overall Pro standing, a whopping 12 points ahead of second place finisher tank000001. Both of these quick gentlemen will be racing with the Pinnacle group in Season 3. wileycoyote would finish up the Pro podium, 12 more points back of 2nd. A whole lot of quick up and comers are pushing in the Pro division for one of the coveted Pinnacle spots. Who will go for it next season?

Grassroots Division

  1. HundredthShrimp
  2. Bo Darville lll
  3. DefytheMachine
  4. PootPuncher
  5. EZT TomCat7

Last but not least, the entry Grassroots division. HundredthShrimp would finish a singular point ahead of Bo Darville lll for the Grassroots championship. That’s going to earn him a trip up to the middle division. I sure hope we see him up in Pinnacle sometime soon.

Many new members entered mid season. I’d like to welcome ChudiniSgtPattongtFOOTwSnoop and Case33 to the series. Also, returning we saw Jonnyfocus and trackAssassin to the 2O4F scene.

Thanks to all of you for a fun competitive season. Season 3 is wide open now, starting at Catalunya National with Hypercars. I can only hope the upcoming season provides as much close competition as this one did. Good luck out there everyone and have fun.


Final Standings from Season 2

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