New Forza 7 Series Announced – Touring Car Masters!

jay waite pitched this idea to us deep within the dark caves of a 2o4f party one greasy night. Drivebye ran a series very similar to this in FM6 that was a blast, and Jay brings the heat back with this new and improved series that will once again bring iconic road racing muscle cars to battle in FM7.

Jay and Drivebye have put in some time and came up with a set of rules and regulations for the cars allowing you to pick one of many rippin’ rides and tune it to your heart’s desire. Like many series you may have seen before, these regulations balance the cars to help promote close combat on any circuit.

The rules are simple: Pick an eligible car, follow the build rules, and come race! This will be a structured series, but more towards the laid back end of the spectrum. The car you choose to run in the first official race is the car you must drive the entire series. Drivers may come and go in between races, so if you don’t make the first races don’t worry. Come on out for the next one.

Be sure to head to the forums for more information!

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