Podium Report – Week of 1/21 – 1/28

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First things first and a first to my knowledge (at least in FM7), Danger Dave held the monster of races last night – the 2.5 hours of Nordschleife. It sounds like the 18 car field had a great time and there was some great battles all the way to the end. Congratulations to MysticV247 for lasting to the checkers and taking home the honor of the victory! Pictures will show up in the official event thread when we get some time to snap a few. Thank you to DangerDave for hosting this monster event!

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Sundays kick off the past weeks race reporting and they start with the Euro slot and Gizzies weekly battle royale. The current car is the 2016 Mazda MX5 and is into the 3rd week of 4. The story here continues to be HLR King Cobra who dominated Forza 6 on Sunday nights GMT time and continues his dominance into FM7 series with 3 back to back wins but only a modest 5 points lead in the race for the cup. Last week took the rest of the entries to Silverstone. Ronron would bring a strong tune to the event and would take home the 2nd place finish with Drivebye (2nd in points) getting the 3rd place finish. The final week takes the racers to Sonoma short for an afternoon of the twisty bits. Drivebye as stated sits poised to fight back with only 5 points out of first but MasterBigChief will be looking to sneak into the parade as he sits 2 points out in 3rd and 7 points away from the grand prize. Good luck all this afternoon. Stay tuned to the podium report or in the thread for the final events results and keep an eye out for Gizzies next series cars.

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Sundays for the last 3 weeks in the est time slot, have been home to the 2.5 evolution series. This is a stepped up version of Drivebyes FM6 2.5 challenge series. This past week was week 3 of 4 and took the racers through Prague short reverse and Watkins Glen. Prague was the first race and there were 2 stories here, the chicane was the first story as it claimed several racers on lap 1, allowing Hundrethshrimp and Quentin to get some distance on the rest of the field. Quentins Cortina could not hold off the charging Shrimp very long. A couple laps later, Shrimp would take over the lead from Quentin and that was the rest of the race for Shrimp. He ran like the wind and claimed his first series victory. Shrimp also was able to keep his lead from the closing Nasties who was able to somehow sneak through the carnage earlier and make a run for the front runners. Nasties would finish second while Drivebye would consistently run good laps, get away from Ronron and charge to the 3rd place finish. Race 2 was held at Watkins Glen, a couple stories here, Grim, Vodoodude and Nasties again…..Quentin would start on the random pole but again the Cortina could not hold off the charging BMWs. Grim would fend off a squirrelly Ronron and would grab the lead early. Nasties would keep his head and let the race fall in in place. Working the race, he would get into a back to back second place. Voodoodude would enter the field for this race in his BMW and would have a stellar race, finishing 3rd with Drivebye close behind. Ronron thought he had the championship locked up going into these races but until the points are finalized, I think that nasties may have had a little impact on the points heading into the final week….tonight the racers fight for the final positions in the championship…stay tuned…..

DD4.jpgGood morning 2O4F and welcome to the unofficial race lobby report we have dubbed:Now onto the racing action and there is definitely still a lot of racing to report. We start off the report with Forza Motorsport 7 because it is part of our clubs name after all:
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After the close of the 2.5 series (tonight), Drivebye in conjunction with Jay Waite will present to you, the Touring Car Masters series. Pretty simple, get over to the event thread. There are specific restrictions to your build but the options are many. Get yours built and get ready to battle as I have heard that these cars have potential for some great side by side action. Shakedown is scheduled for 2/4/18 and schedule to be announced at a later date.

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Mondays now have some things taking shape. Nightstalker presents his series…the Lotus Elan and Mini series. The premise here is that the racers who raced in RCS Pro category will take the slower Mini while the racers who raced in RCS ProAM category will take to the tracks in the Lotus Elan. Shakedowns and practices are happening on random nights and schedule is yet to be finalized. Hit the official event thread to see what you need to do to get in on the classic pocket racer action!

Tuesday nights are home of the long running Super Normal Tuesdays. This is a great night of non-points racing with some of the regular series drivers in the club. The racing starts in divisional D class and if the racing stays clean, we move up a class / division to as far as we can go. It usually includes a Belt race that is basically a horrible car that you just have to get around the track to win Electric holds the title at the moment as he was able to get the Toyota Stadium truck around Brands Hatch first. Fun night for all and a great night of racing for newer members. See the official thread for more information. Last week I personally sat in the host seat and we took a trip through some great 2O4F racing action. Here are some pictures of the epic racing that took place:

E2 1.jpg
E2 2.jpg
E2 3.jpg
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Wednesday nights, Gizziegod hosts a track night very similar to Super Normal Tuesdays but this is a Euro event so please check the thread for the official time frame for racing action. It is another great opportunity to run with some really fast members and a great place to get to race with some of the regulars you will be battling with if you are planning to run one of Gizzies series.

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Thursday night is home to GrimGrinninGhosts’ staple series…RCS or Race Car Series. Season 3 ended this week in grand fashion. This final week of the season marked the end of an era and the start of new possibilities. The racers ran the Lamborghini Huracan Trofeo and produced some great races and some really tight battles in points going into the final week.

ProAm Lobby: Here is the setup….BigDaddy has a marginal lead over Parcells heading into the final races for the championship. The lobbies of Pro and ProAM got combined due to overall attendance. Silverstone would be all Bigdaddy. There would be some pit strategies at play and some great racing on both contenders throughout the race but at the line it was BigDaddy for the win with VWhit in second and Parcells falling to 3rd giving BigDaddy a good shot at the championship but there was still Suzuka to tackle. Blemished spy would take home his first victory in season 3 at Suzuka. So you are now on the edge of your seat for the final push right? Well, VWhit would bring home the second place finish and right on his heels was…BigDaddy in 3rd! Parcells would have some issues getting into pit lane and shortly after that, he would blow a motor, after an interview with the saddened Parcells, he personally recounts the issues in the pits, see comments below. Congratulations to BigDaddy on his first RCS victory in FM7 and the final iteration of the current RCS format.


Pro Lobby: Also a somewhat tight final duel for the cup as HLR Stu and Electric were separated by 1 point going into the final week of racing. Electric would take pole at Silverstone but Stu would not let that bother him as he started in 2nd. There were great battles both between the leader and directly behind the leaders as Quentin, Grim and Nightstalker battled for the entire race for the 3rd spot. Nightstalker would eventually take the podium spot. Electric would take the win and Stu would take second. But Suzuka was to be next. Electric would again qualify in the top spot hoping to put an end to Stus reign on the championship in RCS. Stu would not have the qualifying session he had hoped for as a dirty lap late into lap 3 left him with his out lap as his qualifying lap and he would start deep into the field and would have to get through ProAM to get back into the running. Props to Stu for either a good pit strategy, consistently good laps and not getting caught in traffic as he would take 3rd in the race and finish season 3 in 2nd place. Grim would run consistently all race and earn a 2nd place podium this race and hold onto the 3rd spot in the championship. Electric would take the pole position and run to the checkers as needed to take home the victory and the championship…Congratulations Electric for the win and claiming the RCS season 3 cup and bringing it back to the USA!

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RCS takes a break this week for the latest installment from Grim himself, the Endurance series. Week 2 of the series brings the racers to Watkins Glen Full course. This one should be interesting as the LMP cars make their way through the traffic and through the bus stop. Please confirm to Grim on XBL by private message so he can gather a list of the entries before race night. Remember to check the official thread as the eligibility requirement is how many RCS races you have participated in. Note that the attendance proved at race 1 that most drivers should make the race but RCS attendance still dictates where you stand in line.

F2 W1.1.jpg

Season 4 of RCS returns 2 Thursdays from now in its new format (make sure to check the official event thread to get all the info to get in on this season. We slow it down to A class in a spec built car (also posted on the event thread) and it should make for some tight racing. We also combine Pro and ProAm lobbies into 1 RCS lobby with 1 overall winner so there should be plenty of great racing to report once this gets some rubber to the pavement. Get your 2016 BMW M2 liveried up, built and tuned and get ready to race!

Fridays have had a great Euro event going and building….the Sprint Fridays hosted by DangerDave. Go over to the official thread to get caught up on the cars, restrictions, time zones, tracks and all other important information you will need to join this growing event if Fridays are your time to shine!

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Now we dive into the 2Old 4Hotlapping or the HLC series brought to you by Pryde300ZX, FV Lucky1, Triumphrid3r and Lord Sarverious.
Please check the thread to get the new scorer gamer tags added to your friends list so that your lap times can be recorded.
Season 2 has come to a close in grand fashion as Tbohar takes home the overall and Pinnacle division trophies for his consistently hot laps. Quentin takes home his spot in 2nd and Stu in 3rd for the Pinnacle division. GrimGGhost 2O4F takes home the Pro title with Tank000000000000000000000000001 takes 2nd and wilecoyote takes 3rd in Pro. Hundrethshrimp takes home the Grassroots division win with BoDarville taking 2nd and DefytheMachine taking 3rd. The divisions have been shaken up and we head into season 3 for another round of oohs, ahhs and awe shits!

As stated season 3 has taken to the track in blazing fashion as entries are challenged to take their hypercar division entries to the Catalunya National circuit to see how fast they can go. The event is heading down the back stretch and Electric is on top once again in his Sesto Elemento.
Times are getting close as the racers bring new tunes and tweaks to the track but there is still plenty of time to get a hot lap in (closes Tuesday nights at 7pm est). Get out there and set a fast lap already!


Go to the official Hot Lap Challenge threads to see where you stand and to keep up with what the organizers throw at us next (new events are announced and start on Tuesday nights)

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There are things happening in a couple other titles right now so if you want to get into something different, check the forums and threads under the titles name to see what is going on and when.

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Dirt4 is continuing to run weekly challenges and there is alao a group of mudslingers hanging out on Wednesday nights for some intense lobby action. If you want in, head over to the official Dirt4 thread, check out what is going on and get involved!

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Project Cars 2 has some hot lap challenges happening and there is also a Nordschleife challenge on going. If you still play PC2, head over to the official thread and get involved!

And here we are again, at the end of the report. At this time, the staff would like to thank all the contributors, event organizers, livery creators, replay savers, spread sheet slammers, hot lappers, tuners, and everyone else who gets on the forums and gets involved.

See you on the track, have fun and good luck racers and lappers!

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Quentin 2O4F

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